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torek, 31. julij 2018


It's been a while since I wrote my last blog post....buuuuut 3 days ago I saw NEAT AND TANGLED THROWDOWN - CRAFTING WITH COMPASSION CHALLENGE! 

I know I already told you I love this company...I really adore ANIMALS and their animal stamps are just too cute to resist :) so when I saw their challenge I knew I HAVE TO participate.

Firstly I have to tell you that I am not around much because I have almost 4 months old little boy at home and he has my full attention right now. You have to know that it was really challenging to create these four cards in 2 days with baby boy at home.

Here is my story....

I always wanted a dog but since we live(d) in a flat, my parents didn't allow me to have it. Well 5 years ago when I was going to move in with my boyfriend, we decided to have a dog together. I saw a puppy on the local "shelter" web page  and I immediatly fell in love. We decided to adopt this little puppy. Her name was PEIA and we decided to keep the same name. Since April 27th 2013 she is the member of our family <3

This is the photo when I saw her for the first time <3
so...when we adopted her we became "attached" to our local shelter. It is actually not a shelter but I don't know how to translate it. There are only volunteer members who take care of abandoned animals (mostly cats and dogs) and once in a month they raise money with "bidding auction" on the FB. Members and others "sell" handmade items. I helped them with my cards and I have also invited other crafters from Slovenia to help me.

(by taking care I mean provide food and vetenerian...take them in their own homes and take care of the animals 24/7...they take care of sterilization and much more....I really admire their work <3)

Twice a year they help raising money with collecting old paper...I don't know how is in other countries but here in Slovenia if you collect tonnes of paper you get some money...so I regularly keep all our newspapers and flyers so I can help them with that as well :)

I would be extremely happy if I could help them with your prize <3 <3 <3 

Here are my 4 cards which I will donate to them and I hope it will bring them few € :) I used mostly Neat and tangled stamps and dies...and I really like the outcome :)


Greetings from S(love)nia :)